FUTR Immerse are fully customised and tailored gatherings offering the opportunity to come face to face in an intimate and relaxed environment with potential clients or colleagues. 

Tours for executives to reconnect with and step into the shoes of the modern consumer. FUTR designs and facilitates experiences where attendees are encouraged to learn, explore, play and discover the latest technologies, innovations, business models and insights that are key to understanding today's commerce landscape via a guided tour of retail spaces.

Meetings & Workshops provide exclusive opportunities that are tailor made to your company’s needs. Held at show stopping venues such as Aqua Shard, FUTR can personalise your desired breakfast briefing, evening or lunch meeting by coordinating guest speakers, attendees and themed discussions alongside delicious tasting menus and cocktail receptions.

Micro Forums allows you to host your very own FUTR event under our branding, content and platform with a ready made audience be it a half or full day summit. Exclusive opportunity to power your brand by FUTR where we take care of the agenda, speakers, logistics, marketing and attendees.

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Past Immerse Events

Exclusive Dinner: US tax reporting requirements

An evening of drinks, creative culinary delights from Barack Obama's personal Chef and discussion on US reporting requirements that impacts everything from tax exposure to customer experience!

Exclusive Dinner: What brands can learn from the all blacks

James Kerr, author of Legacy, has famously brought our attention to the All Blacks saying: “Leave the jersey in a better place”. But is this really something that we can apply to brands? Can you work towards a lasting legacy, or do you need to chase short term trends to cut through and engage consumers? This dinner explores the role of legacy for businesses and what brands can learn from the All Blacks.

FUTR Exclusive Dinner: You Vs Amazon - Where Smart Tech meets Human Passion

A gathering of like-minded senior peers enjoyed dinner at The Shard's renowned Fish Bowl, aquashard. The discussion explored how you can differentiate yourself from Amazon and be seen as the digital destination of choice by your customers.

FUTR Innovation Tour: Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

An inspiring, immersive and interactive tour of leading customer experiences across London! This was an exclusive opportunity that explored why bridging the customer experience gap is now more important than ever.

FUTR Immerse Innovation Tour: The Magic of Christmas

As market challenges continue to intensify, who was on top of their experience game at Christmas? This tour offered an exclusive experience to step into the London consumers’ shoes and explore the companies that are bringing magic into customers’ lives during the festive season.

FUTR Immerse Innovation Tour: Experiences

The Experience Economy is here to stay. Beyond just buying products, consumers crave memorable experiences that engage their senses and make them feel a part of something bigger. As more consumers shift their attention and spend to experiences over stuff, it will become critical for brands and retailers to satisfy this craving in a differentiated way.