09.25 BST

09:25 - 09:30 - All Stages

09.30 BST

09:30 - 09:50 - Stage 1
The incredible journey to digital China & what the West must learn


Alibaba is not only China’s but one of the worlds largest e-commerce companies and when we think about digital innovation, China & Alibaba come second to none. With social commerce the norm, AR everywhere and the land of the livestream streets ahead, what comes next? UK, Nordics & Netherlands Managing Director, David Lloyd, shares the latest insights where he sees retail going over the next few years, the innovations you need to look out for and how brands can make the most of market opportunities to grow in China.

Alibaba Group, David Lloyd, Managing Director – UK, Nordics & Netherlands

09:30 - 09:50 - Stage 2
A new way of working, a new digital culture, a new collaboration opportunity


Paul Szumilewicz has been championing agile principles and better ways of working to support HSBC’s 45 million group customers. Through embedding agile plans, it can transform & develop new ways of working to improve marketing productivity. Join this talk to learn how you can reimagine better ways of working, improve customer relationships and win more business especially in an increasingly digital world.

HSBC, Paul Szumilewicz, Global Head of Agile, Global Marketing

09.50 BST

09:50 - 10:10 - Stage 1
How Lime uses Product Analytics to grow and retain customers


In today’s world, the products that win are the ones that create the best experiences for customers. The previous marker for product success was simply functionality: ‘It works’. But with millions of products available today, it’s not enough for a product to just work. In this new digital-first reality, you must start treating your websites, apps, and in-store digital experiences as products and turn data into visual insights that answer key questions about your customers – what they do and why, what creates value, and how to build what’s next. Product Analytics is what brings your business to the next level. During this session you will hear from Lime how they use data to build great product experiences.

AMPLITUDE, Adrian Gregory, Head of Customer Success

LIME, Will Lee, Principal Product Manager

09:50 - 10:10 - Stage 2
Let Performance-Based Shopper Activities turn into data & consumer insight to be driven by digital campaign solutions


Enable any retail consumer’s receipts into brand awareness campaigns that deliver up to 45% higher ROI than traditional methods. Justsnap enables Brands to reach the end consumer independent from any reseller or intermediary. Find the way into the pocket of your brand ambassador in a snap. Use cases by TP Vision for Philips TV & Sound.

TP VISION, Felix Ojong, E-commerce Marketing Lead

TP VISION, Aysegul Cekic, Consumer Marketing Director

10.10 BST

10:10 - 10:50 - Stage 1
Turning visitors into customers


E-commerce demand is everywhere, on multiple devices, in the hands of many age groups and across continents. So an effective & all-inclusive e-commerce plan is critical. Especially given the rise of online users since Covid hit. What role will cash play in the next 5 years (if any!)? How can you track & engage post purchasing consumers so as not to lose them? What are the critical steps to up your e-commerce game? Tune in to find out and more.

Cox & Cox , Aynsley Peet, Head of E-commerce

Boucléme, Sherene Perrier, Head of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

HUEL, Mario Tarantino, Senior E-commerce Manager

Moderated By:
, Keith Povey, Director of Marketing

10:10 - 10:50 - Stage 2
A flexible first & digital approach to work


CO-OP, Alison Jones, Customer Director

DIRECT LINE GROUP, Kerry Chilvers, Brand Tribe Lead

Moderated By:
EA Games, Catherine Becker, Head of Media

10.50 BST

10:50 - 11:20 - All Stages


O2O2O (Online to offline to Online)

Going Online is nothing new but for well-established traditional retailers with thousands of physical stores, how to create a seamless experience between digital and physical worlds? Your customers are still interested in the loyalty program, but in a different way. The obsolete point-based system with little redemption option is no longer attractive. How to bring seamless connection between the customers, the merchants, and the loyalty network to improve customer engagement and loyalty? Join case study driven conversation of “Seamless experience between digital & physical worlds” and “blockchain-backed loyalty & reward network ecosystem”

FPT CORPORATION UK, Mohan Naidu Gorjala, Managing Director

AKACHAIN, Nguyen Viet Chinh, Head of Marketing

FPT CORPORATION UK, Nguyen Son Tung, Head of eCommerce and Logistics Solutions

11.20 BST

11:20 - 11:40 - Stage 1
How Mallet London was able to grow in a crowded marketplace and break through the marketing noise with fresh, relevant content


Tommy Mallet founded Mallet London, a successful sneaker brand, out of a desire to find the perfect pair. Fast forward six years and the brand is stocked at over 145 stores in the UK, US, Europe, Dubai, South Africa, and he was recently named Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe for Retail & eCommerce. Many lessons have been learned along the way establishing his footwear business but most critically was breaking through using fresh & relevant content. Tommy will reveal both the success and failures of how this has been created so you can discover how to position your brand, so that people actually want to engage with it.

MALLET LONDON, Tommy Mallet, Creative Director

11:20 - 11:40 - Stage 2
D2C marketing masterclass: finding the balance between performance & brand marketing


The journey of Trinny London has been remarkable. Founded in 2017 its revenue has risen from £1 million to £45 million in just 4 years. CMO Shira Feuer joins FUTR to dive into an area she believes can never be overlooked, balancing brand & performance marketing whilst sharing the importance of knowing when to dial up each depending on the stage of your business.

Trinny London, Shira Feuer, Chief Marketing Officer

11.40 BST

11:40 - 12:00 - Stage 1
Emotionalizing Channels with Platform Thinking


Building the extraordinary brand experiences of tomorrow demands we shift from channel-first to platform-first thinking. People want thrills on demand – whether online or in-store. Memorable ‘experience platforms’ remove the need to map out each channel against specific missions, elevating the brand to become more fluid and impactful. We designed Nestlé KitKat Brazil’s Break Experience to be enjoyed online and offline through a set of emotional and highly commercial experience platforms. Join our session to understand this shift, and the details of our award-winning Chocolatory retail ecosystem.

LANDOR & FITCH, Michelle Smith, Executive Business Director of Experience

11:40 - 12:00 - Stage 2
What Does Customer Loyalty Look Like in 2021?


Why do consumers advocate for brands online? And why do they post about their frustrations? Sustainability, increased demand on delivery services, and the tensions between big and small retailers are all put under the spotlight in this data-driven session with Brandwatch’s Gemma Joyce. You’ll learn: – The key demographic driving support for local and independent stores – The regional differences in how consumers perceive retail-related plastic waste – The main reasons customers detract from and advocate for top brands online – And much more

BRANDWATCH, Gemma Joyce, Senior Content Manager – Marketing

11.50 BST

11:50 - 12:00 - Stage1
Personalization in a World of Cookies: How to Make the Most of Digital Crumbs

With third party cookies about to disappear, understanding what exactly a cookie is and how they differ is more important than ever. Join Professor Bart Goethals, CTO of the AI Personalization start-up Froomle, as we deep dive into the world of personalization and cookies. In this session we will explore the differences between the types of cookies and how they can be used (or not used) to make the most of your captured data when crafting your digital strategy, especially when it comes to the fine line of personalization.

FROOMLE, Bart Goethals, Chief Technology Officer

11:50 - 12:00 - Stage2

12.00 BST

12:00 - 12:40 - Stage 1
Standing up for what your brand believes in


Authenticity in brand activism for the socially-conscious generations & digitally born natives who want more from brands, especially in sustainability, mental health and social justice. If you want to remain relevant in 2021, keep up and stay true with your operations, products, team or services. A session no-one should miss who want to do better with their brand.

UPFIELD, Chris Delahunty, Head of Digital

Nomad Foods, Annelie Selander, Group Sustainability Director

Coca-Cola, Lawren Barnett, Global Futures Director

Octopus Energy, Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Global Marketing & Product Director

Moderated By:
NEWS UK, Dominic Carter, Group Chief Commercial Officer

12:00 - 12:40 - Stage 2
From disruptor to mainstream or mainstream to disruptor


How the magic of D2C & brands was truly brought to life during covid for all to notice. Assessing how brands break through amongst established industries but also how established brands are fighting back. FUTR presents some of the movers and shakers we can all learn a thing or two from.

BYBI Beauty , Dominika Minarovic, Co-Founder

OONI, Kristian Tapaniaho, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Insane Grain, Rushina Shah, Founder & CEO

FPT SOFTWARE, Frank Bignone, Global Director of Digital Transformation (DX) Division

Moderated By:
WARC, Anna Hamill, Senior Editor for Brands

12.40 BST

12:40 - 13:30 - All Stages

How to Win The Modern Customer – Bitcoin & Loyalty

As retail sales have become increasingly difficult, the key is to focus on customer retention. Many loyalty schemes today are failing to truly engage modern customers with their lack of digitalisation and innovation. Join Mode’s Chief Product Officer and crypto expert as he discusses how brands can leverage Bitcoin, the most sought-after asset in the world to boost customer loyalty and drive conversions.

MODE, Janis Legler, Chief Product Officer

13.30 BST

13:30 - 13:50 - Stage 1
Holding onto existing audiences & growing new ones


Creating brand loyalty over time takes multiple approaches but constantly staying close to customers is key. With so many strategies to implement and measure, what makes the perfect formula to retain your customer whilst welcoming new ones? Enter H&M’s Customer mastermind Sara Sjöberg. She reveals some of the key elements the fashion retailer have been using to stay top of mind from being agile to using actionable data and personalization capabilities to maximizing customer lifetime value.

H&M, Sara Sjoberg, Global Head of Customer Engagement

13:30 - 13:50 - Stage 2
How to build an aspirational brand for Gen Z and beyond


Product first, story second? Wrong. NA-KD’s growth over the last few years has been remarkable which they put down to the strategy of prioritizing storytelling before the clothes they sell. A loyal customer base of digital natives have a strong connection to the company other brands will be jealous of as they emphasize authentic teenage life, leaving behind the glossy pictures. Founder & CEO Jarno Vanhatapio gets NA-KD to reveal all.

NA-KD, Jarno Vanhatapio, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

13.50 BST

13:50 - 14:10 - Stage 1
Making ‘Relevance’ Pay - the new rules of Customer Experience and Loyalty


Customers are being conditioned everyday by intuitive digital experiences, which is increasing the demands for companies to connect with them in a more personalised and relevant way. So how can you deliver the personalised digital experiences your customers are expecting, while winning against competitors? Industry AI and search expert Dr Andrea Polonioli will be drawing on his academic research to discuss what makes a great ecommerce search experience and where to start with optimisation. He will showcase how using AI and data will create a truly emotional connection with customers, by targeting them with products they want and content they will respond to.

COVEO, Andrea Polonioli, Product Manager

13:50 - 14:10 - Stage 2
Influencer Marketing: Gateway to Insights & Data


Most marketers still associate influencer marketing with product placements of celebrities on social media. However, it is so much more, and smart marketers leverage influencer strategies especially for data & insights! In this session, Executive Director Rafael Schwarz will present how companies can work with influencers to fuel data capture, improve (re)targeting, optimize DTC models, lower digital CPM and collect real consumer insights. Territory Influence will present concrete use cases to unearth the treasure trove of insights & data behind influencer activations and interactions.

TERRITORY INFLUENCE, Rafael Schwarz, Executive Director Sales & Marketing

14.10 BST

14:10 - 14:50 - Stage 1
Building trust, connection and customer centric digital brands


Trust, the final frontier. Well thats certainly true today in a world full of digital misinformation & consumers who are finding it even more difficult to trust. So how can you build a truly customer centric, connected and digital first trusted brand? Join a panel of superstar creatives, digital masterminds and customer savvy individuals as they dissect the key ingredients to make the perfect brand positing meal.

Deliveroo, Stanford Swinton, Vice President of Global Care & Customer Experience

Danone, Michel Brok, Head of Digital

JKR, Iván Mato, Creative Director

THREE UK, Emma Siveyer, Head of Digital Products

Moderated By:
Automated Creative, Tom Ollerton, Founder & Podcast Host

14:10 - 14:50 - Stage 2
Understanding the communities of offline & online subcultures


Subcultures have risin to the fore more recently with multiple entertainment experiences on lock down, new patterns have emerged. User-driven online culture & content such as streaming platforms have opened a new opportunity for more mainstream brands to reach previously shy or non-engaging consumer groups. Much can also be said for the physical aspect, such has been the uptake of new hobbies in sport or DIY. Mix these elements with consumers who are more cash rich, it makes for a perfect time to review how brands can build more growth with subcultures.

The All England Tennis Club, Alexandra Willis, Communications & Marketing Director

Defected Records, James Kirkham, Chief Business Officer

Natwest Group, Matthew Harwood , Head of Customer Messaging

ATTEST, Tom Shannon, Head of New Business

Moderated By:
BBC WORLD SERVICE, Leisha Santorelli, World Editor & Team Manager

14.50 BST

14:50 - 15:20 - All Stages

Enable digital commerce in Asia with Zero Churn and 40X Growth – sharing the

LUXASIA eCommerce story LUXASIA, Satyaki Banerjee, Chief Operations Officer

15.20 BST

15:20 - 15:40 - Stage 1
Effective innovations & frictionless experiences - what digital solutions are changing the look of retail


With almost 20,000 stores and over 340,000 employees, X5 Retail Group is Russia’s largest retailer that continues to push the innovation boundaries for growth. Vladimir Salakhutdinov leads that strategy by implementing effective innovation through partnering with international start-ups and internal entrepreneurship. A presentation not to be missed, Vladimir also covers the groups experience in introducing biometrics, self-service systems, temperature tags for products & more!

X5 Retail Group, Vladimir Salakhutdinov, Director of Strategy & Business Development

15:20 - 15:40 - Stage 2
Messaging relevancy, agility & partnerships


Malaysia Airlines typically serves some of the busiest flight routes in the globe, however like most industries things were brought to an abrupt halt over a year ago. So how do you handle marketing or promotions with a restricted product to offer? Head of Marketing in Europe Richard De Villa talks through the opportunities they managed to find when many competitors were reluctant to be in the market. A combination of staying agile, putting in place strategic partnerships and keeping campaigns relevant to what customers were going through, enabled success when many would expect failure.

Malaysia Airlines, Richard De Villa, Head of Marketing – UK + Europe

15.40 BST

15:40 - 16:00 - Stage 1
Feed Management: The most important part of your business that nobody sees


Is your business ready to capture new opportunities as they arise and boost performance on social, shopping, and search? Join our talk to learn about the evolution of paid and organic marketing channels and the fundamentals of feed management.

PRODUCTSUP, Matt Bailey, Director of Sales UK & Nordics

15:40 - 16:00 - Stage 2
Beginner to winner: simple steps to master personalization


Not sure where to begin with your personalization strategy? Vicky will introduce you to the personalization curve, starting with the most straightforward elements of personalization right through to the Holy Grail: predictive, cross-channel personalization. Whether you want to launch your very first personalization campaign or expand on what you are already doing, to truly resonate with customers, you must understand their diverse preferences, attitudes, shopping occasions and needs. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to use these insights to craft a seamless experience for each individual across multiple channels.

FRESHRELEVANCE, Vicky Beech, Partnership Manager

16.00 BST

16:00 - 16:40 - Stage 1
The toolkit you need to run retail today


From digital enabled experiences to providing truly frictionless retail and creating community connections to in-store innovations. What do you need to prioritise to run retail successfully (online or off!) and connect with the ever evolving consumer? Creating stores that meet the needs and expectations of your cross-border customer. From multi-language to multi-currency, ensure that your customers receive the same high-standard of experience, no matter where they shop in the world or the channel!

CARRIYO, João Vieira, Chief Product Design & Operations

FENTON, Jérôme Brustlein, Chief Operating Officer, Leon Andrews, Head of Digital Experience

Moderated By:
Nacs Global, Mark Wohltmann, Director

16:00 - 16:40 - Stage 2
Convenience to the confined - marketeers thinking post covid


Changes in consumer behaviour is never easy to navigate, campaigns can be less effective if you do not have a grip on the messaging which will resonate but even more important now is the channels those consumers are on. At the same time, your own businesses need to adapt to meet indifferent online demands. Smart marketers will be hedging bets and advertising dollars into the platforms or channels that sit closest to the end user. Spotify vs Facebook? Streaming Sites vs Television? Join the marketing, digital and media melting pot thinking ahead of the covid game.

Pernod Ricard, Laurent Burel, Global Digital Marketing Director

Delta Cafes, Sandra Veludo, Marketing Director

Frieslandcampina, Head of Global Digital Media and Martech

MITTO, Laura Apel, Senior Vice President Marketing

Moderated By:

GALAXY OF OM, Oisin Lunny, Podcast Host & Co-Founder

16.40 BST

16:40 - 17:10 - All Stages

Ethical trading over the past century & the future of clean

Weleda UK, Jayn Sterland, Managing Director

17.10 BST

17:10 - All Stages

Culture is your top priority: How conversation with employees future-proofs a business

BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL , Brian Garish, President